Betrayal (Comedy Theatre)

Posted on May 27, 2011


“A matinee? A Pinter play?”

That’s right, “The Ladies Who Lunch” was the closest I’d ever come to seeing a play by Harold Pinter, so ______’s invitation to see Kristen Scott Thomas in ‘Betrayal‘ was eagerly accepted.

It all seemed so good on paper, like reading the internet profile of a great guy online, only to finally meet and he’s fatter, balder, dumber and meaner than he ever let on.

To start with, the seats. Oh the seats! Royal Circle. ROYAL FUCKING CIRCLE?!?! I don’t DO Royal Circles! Especially not in mutha-fucking heels!

And then the bar… there was no gin at the bar. No mutha-fuckling gin! Uh-huh, seriously what the fucketty fuck?

Add to that the fact that from this view (on the right hand on Christ, I swear) we could look down on the set which lumbered around the stage. From this height performances are a mess – that’s why I don’t do the Royal Circle! I may as well have been listening to the radio adaptation.

All of this could have been saved had the production been actually good. but the sets felt cheap, the staging static and sadly the performers couldn’t quite pull off playing ‘younger’ versions of themselves. Like young actors ‘acting’ like old people, the onstage trio seemed to play clichéd ideas of being ‘young’. I say ‘seemed’ because I CAN’T REALLY TELL FROM THE SHIT FUCK BALLS TITS ROYAL CIRCLE!

Rating: Like fucking a dead fish.

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