All’s Well That Ends Well (Shakespeare’s Globe)

Posted on June 5, 2011


____ suddenly had a spare ticket to the Globe, and knowing that I live for spare tickets, asked if I’d like to accompany him. I’d never been to the Globe before and had always wanted to experience it. I’d rather avoided it as a tourist trap and had a bad incident at The Swan a few months ago (pack of City wankers).

So, without knowing what play I seeing (I rather hoped it was ‘Much Ado…’) I turned up to meet _____ as the rain started pouring down.

Happily we had proper seats, back row, which was handy so we a back rest. I was instantly surprised by how intimate the theatre felt.

“Helena is weak and craving the love of an arsehole.”

Then the band began and the players came out on the stage… and started chatting to the people standing around. Chatting?! And then the play proper began.

‘All’s Well That Ends Well‘ isn’t my favourite Shakespeare. it’s not much of comedy, but hardly a drama. The characters are simply unlikeable. Helena is weak and craving the love of an arsehole, Bertram. Concocts a long winded, manipulative plot to win him over and they end up unhappily married. Um, not exactly a crowd-pleaser.

That’s not to say it doesn’t have some great moments, but this is no ‘Much Ado…’

The cast were all fantastic and winning in their roles, and the traditional staging and minimal sets prove the strength of Shakespeare’s writing – the play works and the performances make up for any lack of extraneous showmanship.

But I’m very happy to have seen a play at Globe and would definitely go back.

Rating: An old school diner and night of passion – nothing fancy, missionary only.

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