Blink Again! Turn Off The Lights (Above The Stag Theatre)

Posted on June 10, 2011


Well, it’s the life of a theatre girl to always be in gay bars, so at least a theatre above the gay bar is a nice change.

I’ve been to The Stag quite a few times – it’s utterly fringe, so you look for the jewels in the trash, and there are often jewels to be found, but ultimately this is shoe-string theatre. What’s the appeal here? Well a room full of gay men is my stock in trade and the whole idea behind these Blink nights is to showcase great songs from failed musicals. As a lover to musical minutia it can be a lot of fun.

So off my gay mate _____ and I went, we were given comps, to see what the 3rd Blink held in store.

‘Blink Again’ is very hit & miss. There is vocal talent on stage but often given songs they are not suited to.

The recurring gag about ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark‘ gets tired quickly and many songs were taken from shows already featured in previous show, or in some cases, the same songs used.

There also odd choices. Picking hit songs that appear in failed jukebox musicals feels like a cheat. Similarly, singing ‘9 To 5‘ (the hit Dolly Parton song) to represent the musical when you could have sung one of the many other worthwhile and fun numbers is just poor direction.

The show just doesn’t know what it wants to be – is it lampooning bad shows? Or finding the gems, the under-appreciated tunes? This is bipolar theatre.

That said, there were a few clear highlights – the Disney numbers featuring a very cute Tarzan, and humour version of ‘Part of That World‘ from The Little Mermaid were good as was the lampooning of a personal favourite of mine, ‘The Umbrella’s Of Cherbourg‘.

Overall, this is cheap & cheerful theatre… lacking some of the cheerful.

Rating: Slip them a fake number and leave!

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