Julie Atherton: No Space For Air (Apollo Theatre)

Posted on June 26, 2011


Fresh out of the ‘One Man, Two Guvnors‘ matinee, _____ tempted me back across the Thames for a ‘one night only’ event… but before that we went to Julie Atherton‘s “see ya later London” gig (she’s off somewhere, is it the ‘Sister Act’ tour? I don’t know. she’ll be back).

The bar at the Apollo was filled with the usual crowd you see at these Spekulation Entertainment gigs. Lots of young musical theatre performers and producers, all staring doe eyed at Daniel Boys, Lance Horne, Michael Bruce, Paul Spicer... well, actually maybe Paul’s date (boyfriend?) who I must say, I’d happily get on my knees for.

“Richard Fleeshman… He can get behind my pottery wheel any day.”

I’ve not heard Julie’s albums (I’m waiting for some nice man to gift me copies) but I’ve heard quite a few of her songs at various gigs like this.

Julie is simply adorable on stage (but honey, those shoes do NOT go with that dress). And vocally she’s simply great. While her voice is musical theatre gold, she’s a little less certain on the pop/rock material – but then I’m biased, she’s a musical theatre gal and I don’t want her vying for a pop career.

She was joined on stage, at various points by songwriter Lance Horne (he really should just move over here), songwriter Michael Bruce (I can’t get enough of his material), Daniel Boys, Richard Fleeshman (who’s arms look amazing… he’s clearly been buffing up for ‘Ghost‘. He can get behind my pottery wheel any day) and Jon (don’t mention S Club 7) Lee.

The real highlight for me was the return of Kate Monster, who duetted with Richard Fleeshman. Hilarious & heartbreaking as only Julie Atherton’s hand up a puppet ass can be!

It was also great to hear Julie sing some different numbers, including Dougal (do me now) Irvine‘s song I don’t know the name of (“Do you want a baby, baby?”).

A great, relaxing Sunday evening performance from one great gal of the theatre.

Rating: Total hot girl-on-girl action with Julie anyday!

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