EastEnd Cabaret feat. Sarah-Louise Young (The Hospital Club)

Posted on July 13, 2011


Out of the blue ______ Facebooked me. He had a spare ticket to ‘EastEnd Cabaret’ at The Hospital. I was in the mood for a cock… tail and was still smarting from the fact I missed Meow Meow‘s gigs at The Apollo, so I said ‘yes’!

For a random Wednesday night, this was working out very well indeed. With cocktail in hand (Return Of The Earl, if you were wondering), we sat down at the first floor bar and waited for the evenings entertainments to begin.

Cabaret’s not my forte, but I know what I like. I want it bawdy and it want it bold! The EastEnd Cabaret duo of Bernadette Byrne & Victor Victoria did not disappoint!

With tunes that are vulgar in a cheeky fashion and a well conceived double-act, this was top notch cabaret. The songs ‘Ping Pong’ and ‘Danger Wank’ certainly went down well. The ad libbing skills were hilariously good.

The duo were joined by La Poule Plombée , a fantastic creation of Sarah-Louise Young – a tortured, broken muse… well, she is French after all. So expertly delivered, La Poule Plombée threatened to steal the show.

The crowd may not have been huge (there were a number of empty seats, and most people were too scared to sit in the front row) but those that were there clearly lapped up this preview of EastEnd Cabaret‘s upcoming Edinburgh show.

By this point the champagne & cocktails were kicking in and I was laughing to hard to really remember the specific points of the evening, but needless to say, I enjoyed it and I want more.

And I just have one question, “Is it in yet?”

Rating: This was a lady-loving threesome of cabaret carnage. Just call me your scissor sister!

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