Les Miserables (Queen’s Theatre)

Posted on March 11, 2012


I have a bit of a ‘thing’ about long running shows. I’ve seen too many get sloppy, and cheap – once great casts are replaced by mediocre celebrities or casts that are just not up to scratch (don’t get me wrong, I think it’s very hard for any performer to inherit a role in which they can’t place any form of personal stamp on it).

Oh Ramin, Ramin, Ramin!

The last time I saw ‘Legally Blonde: The Musical’ the chorus was loose, Warner was unattractive and Elle lacked any charm. Thankfully the last time I saw ‘Wicked‘ they’d just had a major cast change and the new ensemble were young and hungry, and it was thrilling in ways the previous two trips to the show just hadn’t been.

So I was keeping my expectations in check for ‘Les Miserables‘. I hadn’t seen “Les Mis‘ in, well, longer than I care to admit. But the allure of Ramin Karimloo and Hadley Fraser was too great for me to resist, so it was time to revisit this ‘classic’.

And god damn it, didn’t I just go and fall in love with this show all over again.

Those orchestrations are so lusheous.

And those voices…

Oh Ramin, Ramin, Ramin! I’m going to resist making the obvious sexual gag about his name. But hot damn!

So let’s just say, I loved just about everything about this performance! Needless to say, this will be a short, glowing review.

Sure, there were things that didn’t seem perfect (it’s nice to see a show in which I’m comparing aspects against the standard of being ‘perfect’, as opposed to some where you struggle to praise things that ‘did’t piss me off as much as the rest’). Cosette sang beautifully but was rather robotic (I feel as if her performance would be literally identical every night). And Eponine’s voice, while powerful and crystal clear, was maybe a little too ‘pop’ (if they’re looking for a spare Sugababe however, she’d be perfect!)

I walked into the Queen’s Theatre feeling like an old cynic and walked out a believer once more.

Verdict: I wish all long running shows on the West End could keep up this level of excellence. Yes ‘We Will Rock You’, I’m looking at YOU!

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